Creating intimate niches. Dividing spaces, giving order to different areas, contaminating with bright colours and essential design. This is the soul of Kentia partition panels, Serralunga's first novelty for 2016.


When the subject is intimacy, here comes Kentia, shy and elegant like a leaf of Howea foresteriana, a tropical plant with full, robust leaves that is often used in indoor decoration.


Kentia was inspired on the essence of Howea foresteriana. A partition panel in a multitude of variations of colour, from the soft shades of cream to the folkloristic fuchsia, red, and apple green.


Essential lines and great versatility are the main assets of the Kentia partition panels. Thanks to these features, they can be used either one at a time or in a series, to subdivide large spaces. Kentia can also be hung on to walls, like a painting, or used as trellis for climbing plants, indoors or outdoors.


With Kentia, Serralunga has written yet another story to be told in the world of interior design and outdoor design.

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