The productive collaboration with the Anglo-Indian duo Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien continues. After launching the iconic Almora armchair in 2014, this year for B&B Italia they have designed a capsule collection of three decorative and functional pieces that combine sensuous volumes with high-tech materials.

The small armchair Do-Maru is named after the ancient armour worn by samurai warriors, made up of painted and decorated thick leather plates that covered and protected the hero’s body.

The shell of the seat is made up of a couple of superimposed bodies, softened by paddings that can be upholstered with either fabric or leather. The cast aluminium back support boldly underlines the conical profile of the small armchair, while the anterior support is in tubular metal with black chromed or pewter painted finishes, studied to match the colours of the body: white, black and tortora.

The key feature of the small tables Maru is the thick top combined with the structure composed by three die cast aluminium legs. Two diameters: 50 and 140 cm, which make them the ideal choice either as coffee tables in front of the sofa or as occasional tables. The small table with diameter 50 cm, available in 16 colours, combines a glossy painted top with a satin painted structure. For the one with diameter 140 cm the top can be choosen among glass, wood and marble, while the structure is available in the finishings black, white, black chromed or pewter painted.

The ottomans Tabour, in oblong oval, square or trilobite shapes, which are the epitome of mix and match solutions. Resembling primeval marine creatures or large unicellular animals, they are designed to form archipelagos in the centre of a room or to become the natural continuation of sofas and armchairs. Textile or leather covers are stretched on the frame by a sort of oversize “button” that resembles a navel or a large eye, and seemingly establishes communication between the Tabour ottomans and the spirit of the room where they are placed. 

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