Feel welcome, this is Schonbuch's guiding principle. Creative, functional solutions for the entrance area are the company's core competence. For a loft in the city, a house in the country, an office or a commercial building with a specific purpose  Schonbuch supplies the ideal interior-furnishing concept with its hallwaygarment storage and system furnitureindividual items and interior accessories. Every product satisfies the highest design, material and workmanship standards. Function is always the creative stimulus, and the innovative use of selected, subtle colours is a visual highlight of the collection. No two entrance areas are alike in their structural features or their users requirements.  Schonbuch's answer to this almost infinite spatial variety and customers’ equally varied wishes is to offer a big selection of products in different versions – and to maintain its creative development unceasingly. The design of an entrance area is functionally important, but also has a presentational aspect. Schonbuch takes both of these into account, and always combines practical benefits with a clear design statement. Hallways, lobbies and entrances are transformed into new, functionally planned living space in which residents and visitors alike feel welcome and content.
Almost every item in the Schonbuch Collection is manufactured in Germany. Far-sighted corporate decisions, traditional craftsmanship and advanced production techniques combine to ensure consistently high quality and exceptionally long product life. 

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