In an increasingly standardized world in which products are mass produced, painstaking handwork is more and more rare. However, this is what we represent: time for reflection, a longer perspective. We have been doing this for over 120 years. And we are united by a passion for our task: to create a rug that is unique, durable and irreplaceable.

The urge to experiment and renew our traditions is what drives us forward. We place great importance on design. Our ambition is to be contemporary and to combine the known with the unexpected. It could be a colour, a new yarn or a pattern that finds a new expression. To make this possible we have our own design team and work closely with world-leading designers and architects. The thing we never change is our attention to quality. That never goes out of date.

Right from the moment we order the yarn for our rugs we know who the rug is designed for. All our rugs are made to order and tailored to the customer's individual wishes and needs. At Kasthall each woven and hand tufted rug is one of a kind, and receives a hand-signed label after its quality has been checked to the very last thread.

We choose our materials with the utmost care. Aside from appearance, it is important that the yarns we use have the characteristics we demand for various types of settings , such as wear resistance, fire resistance and environmental requirements. Our woven and hand tufted rugs are therefore made almost exclusively from the finest natural materials; wool and linen.

You can walk, play and live on a Kasthall rug for many years another thing that makes us unique.

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