Time and substance.

Wood is alive and harbours life. The movement of its fibres and of its breath is eternal and imperceptible. 
Like ethereal dust, time seeps into the surface and together they become one. Substance soaks up history.

Substance and work of art.

When the respect for substance and its memory guides man's hand, we don't obtain manufactures, 
but works of art.  Ability, experience, knowledge, taste...  Left alone they're nothing but empty words.

Work of art and design.

Giuseppe Pruneri's respectful attitude towards substance and its history comes from afar.  It smells of stones, 
of water and forest, because that's what it is.

Roughness and severity
Transparency and depth
Perfumes and play of light

The creative mind turns feelings into shapes. Giuseppe Pruneri's art simply is an inevitable consequence of his way of living. 
And therefore it is authentic.

Design and technology.

The use of technology is essential in a complex aesthetic project such as HAUTE MATERIAL. 
Technology is fully included so that only the components integral to design can be seen.

Technology and Time.


HAUTE MATERIAL Time moulded it, and now HAUTE MATERIAL takes up Times eternal challenge.

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