Contemporary design was a risky challenge at the time.
True to the firm's origins, it created home textile ranges, including the rug world, the original GAN!
The search was on for a new, personal language through great design and triumph. The GANDIABLASCO textile collections were an unprecedented success.
Jose continued to search and experiment and at the end of the nineties GANDIABLASCO made its surprise debut in the outdoor furniture world with Na Xemena, a small collection that stunned everyone. The outdoor world had changed forever and so had the company's direction.
Then came the outdoor collections and with them success. But GANDIABLASCO has never forgotten its origins and the rugs have always been part of its catalogue.

In only a few years, GANDIABLASCO has overturned the branch in a well-aimed and reformist way of understanding this space in which architecture unfolds and expands into the open air.  Landscapes furnished and lighted from a rigorous, essential view, festive, refreshing and new at the same time.

First, there was the series named after the enclave, Na Xemena. No other family of outdoor furniture has been celebrated like this in Spain. It invaded swimming pools, gyms, hotel rooms and porchesall over the peninsula.

Then the door was opened to the international markets and to the work of other authors: Patricia Urquiola, Francesc Rifa, Mario Ruiz and always with a constant work, with what Jose A. GandiaBlasco designs himself (daybed, chill...): he has conquered our terraces with beds to rest under the sun, geometric canopies and even indian tents, in a clear argument in favour of the horizontal position, of total relax. An excellent tribute to good life.

Soledad Lorenzo 

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