GAN is now GANDIABLASCO indoor brand but it was really the starting point of José GandiaBlasco, the company's chairman, reinvented the family firm at the end of the eighties after four decades in business.  He is the nexus, the thread that connects past, present and future. He is a free, restless spirit. A born searcher, a product designer who seeks out new roads to travel.

In 2004, Jose decided to start working with Mapi Millet. They are old friends with very similar tastes and sensitivities and together with the business acumen of Sergio Pastor and the enthusiasm of the entire team, they started to re-shape the part of the company specialised in interiors. They focus not only on the rugs but also on the living space they generate and on the volumes and accessories that the designs can produce. So GAN, as we know it today, was born, a brand with an individual, strong entity based on handmade products which are also essentially close to GANDIABLASCO and an unfailing curiosity to seek out new roads and a love of design.

GAN is craftsmanship and design.  We believe that handmade products are the greatest luxury and that the best way for designers to express their creativity is through the know-how of expert craftsmen.

GAN combines the genius of designers with the skills of craftsmen to produce unique products which will be treasured for years and make our lives more pleasant, warmer and happier.  The world's crafts are as varied as its countries and people who populate the planet. Therefore nothing quite as amazing as discovering these crafts, understanding them in their context and adapting them for other uses and lives.

GAN strives to make this a beneficial adventure for all.  Artisans develop their abilities and designers find new ways of expressing themselves.

Craftsmanship is the essence of GAN.

The value of handmade objects created steadily, piece by piece, is what makes us different and is our hallmark. Part of our team works full-time to optimise existing techniques and to bring back those which had been forgotten. And invent new ones!

The aim is clear: to provide our designers with the perfect instrument for expressing their creativity.

Hand knitted

Hand knotted

Hand loomed

Hand tufted


Needle felt




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