Fratelli Boffi is a company characterized by 2 strong souls: the first one devoted to research, experimenting all possible paths; the second one, instead, expresses itself pre-eminently in collective spaces and, on the whole, in the contract sector, with tailor-made projects, tightly holding to the past previous collections which, on the other hand, formed the catalogue framework.

Essential was the meeting and subsequently the collaboration with Aldo Cibic, from which 'Antologia' originated, a collection enlarged continuously on an annual basis, whose name has become inseparable from the company brand. At the same time Giorgio Pulici, image consultant for important fashion brands, initially refered to Fratelli Boffi for creations for particular display design, catwalk, fair settings or exhibition spaces in general. Their collaboration strengthened (more and more) with the time.

Fratelli Boffi
contract division is worldwide involved in the development and realisation of important projects for Hotels, Private homes, Residences and Offices, also providing tailor made products, keeping boldly unaltered its personal style and the company high quality standards. The company history dates back to 1928 when the craftsman Carlo Boffi became one of the most important chair wood carvers, capable of reproducing the typical French Louis XV and Louis XVI styles. In 1953 the collaboration with Federico, Roberto and Michele started, which was followed in 1968 by the establishment of a new plant in Lentate. The technology time began and for wooden carvings, polishing, lacquering and high quality materials arrived the moment to overcome the small Brianza area to open up and explore the world around with the curiosity of those, who were able to impose new products on the market melting together tradition and technology. Probably this feature embodies the true DNA of Fratelli Boffi Company, which has become worldwide known for producing furniture destined to last forever, a distinctive peculiarity which granted the company its growth and development all around the world especially in the sector of contract supplies.

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