Flexform Mood is a unique collection of furnishings in a relaxed style, infused with a special allure. Precious, exclusive, high quality craftsmanship, it updates and modernizes a style that is something between deco and retro. Suitable for homes and offices, it speaks an international language and seduces with its eclectic nature, combined with a contemporary taste that is the basis of what is classical. Proportions, fabrics, materials, finishings, colors, all come together in a balanced and sophisticated cosmopolitan style of great classical elegance. Flexform Mood is a complete home collection that touches various environments of the home, from the bedrooms to the living spaces. A constellation of furnishings that are in dialogue among themselves, in unison, generating that 'mood' that instills feelings of warmth and security.

The American John Hutton created the first collection launched for the brand Flexform Mood, giving precise aesthetic input to the quality, charm and good taste. Hutton followed the art direction until 2005. In 2006, Carlo Colombo signed his first Flexform Mood collection. Since then and up to today, the art direction has been taken care of by Roberto Lazzeroni who has worked on a family of seductive products, with a strong and defined identity, carried out with extraordinary materials. He defines his work for Flexform Mood as a romantic design.


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