The collection Emmemobili was created in the 1980s by Tagliabue family. The Tagliabue firm was founded in 1879 at Cantu and right from the start, it has always manufactured top-quality, made to measure furniture and multilayer panels for the aeronautics industry.  Working alongside the best architects and building up solid experience meant that the company could win the Triennale design award in the 1930s.  Currently, the company is being run by the fourth generation of the family, sensitive towards international trends, innovative design and top-quality customized products.  

We do not consider wood to be just some raw material: rather, it is our way of expressing a lifestyle which is in harmony with the environment where we live. When making our products, we have always tried to show up the difference between apparent quality (which everyone knows something about) and true quality: true quality is the inspiration for our output and it is something which only the test of time can show up. In line with this philosophy of ours, each and every individual element is carefully examined from an aesthetic and functional point of view. We also make sure they meet our durability, safety, and environmental impact standards.

Indeed, since 1879, we at Emmemobili have been turning out items which are absolutely unique. In our constant search for perfection, we have turned to curved plywood and this sets us out from the hoi polloi. To be able to make top-quality furniture - in terms of build tradition and up-to-date design was certainly an ambitious target but this is our commitment and day-to-day aim: items which will improve the quality of life of anyone who buys them and which will give character and harmony to areas and pleasure to those who live in them.

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