Baxter is the fruit of a passion that over the years grew into a business plan centred around experimenting with and working a single material leather to create products of the highest quality.  To this end, right from its very beginnings, Baxter has enjoyed the collaboration of master leatherworkers who dedicate their skills to the creation of unique collections and assist the firm in its study of new interior decor solutions.  Ideas and styles come together in a catalogue of colours and finishes which continues to evolve and be perfected, an exclusive catalogue used only by Baxter for its products and designs. Leather is the starting point; the shapes it takes and the colours in which it is presented are Baxters products.  

At the beginning of the adventure, twenty years ago, Baxter made classic, typically British upholstered furniture but with carefully studied, elegant details that distinguished the brands quality and reliability.  Today, Baxter has almost a self-referential style.  The articles in each collection are unique, the fruit of an expertise that delves into the recesses of tradition, into customers and end users needs, into a spirit of inquiry which impels Baxter always to produce something personal and totally recognisable.  Baxter stands out for its multi-faceted spirit focused on design, trends, new concepts. It presents its designs in the form of creative room settings devised to contextualise its style and guide customers towards complete solutions.  Consequently, Baxter formed a creative organisation to complete its product range and enrich its catalogue with small furnishings, coordinated accessories and objets d'art that are instrumental in communicating the brands evolution and future direction.  

is, therefore, not just a furniture manufacture; it conveys experiences and emotions, it conceives interior design as the advance and evolution of a lifestyle.  Examples of this modus operandi are the Baxter Shops and Baxter Homes around the world.  Retail spaces that evolved into fully-fledged creative repositories containing diverse lifestyle interpretations.  Baxter Shops and Baxter Homes present arrangements that are complete in every detail; they are perhaps orientated towards a niche market, but one that is undoubtedly vigorous, cosmopolitan and projected towards the future.

brand identity reveals itself in every form of artistic cross-fertilisation and entertainment, a design dynamism that is always proactive and ready to back situations and events that often lead the company to co-operate on and believe in special projects or to collaborate with other companies whose core business may be very different from Baxter's, an invaluable way of stimulating research and boosting innovation.

The Baxter of today is the result of an ensemble of technical, artistic and design skills and expertise that gave rise to a comprehensive personal and design consulting service.  Image consultants, architects, art buyers and designers contribute to its success day after day, producing new ideas and situations.Over the course of its history, Baxter has succeeded in developing a hallmark style concept based on the finest leather and the excellent workmanship of its products. It is therefore considered a unique brand devoted to a sophisticated clientele which appreciates contemporary luxury and moods that are consistently new and amazing.


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