At the beginning of the 20th century there were many family workshops in existence in Granada’s old Arab quarter in the Albayzin. In 1918, a painter joined several of these workshops and founded ALPUJARREÑA, an industry based in the town of La Zubia, close to Granada and situated in the foothills of Sierra Nevada mountains.

The entire carpet-making process is carried out at our facilities, which begins with the design of the sketches and cartoons, the wool reeling, the assembly of looms, weaving and finishing, using for that high quality materials, mainly natural products as cotton, jute, linen, silk and Pure New Wool.

Our carpets are Custom Made, adapting the product to the particular demand of each customer regarding measures, shapes, colours, designs and textures, etc. These give the satisfaction to our customers of having a master piece made according to their requirements.

ALPUJARREÑA is branded as TRF The Rug Factory and ALP.  These include all the contemporary rugs and avant-garde designs for ALPUJARREÑA.

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