Alivar was created in 1984, inspired by the idea of giving new life to the masterpieces that have written the history of modern furnishing and design.  

Today,  Alivar is also and above all, a dynamic company that pays constant attention to technological development and research in the field of design and architecture.  Over the years, this has given life to the Brilliant Furniture and Home Project collections thus broadening the production with the addition of furnishings of minimalistic design that express themselves in the language of materials and colours.  

offers furnishing solutions for every area of the home: a functional day area made up of tables, chairs, cupboards and bookshelves with sober, rigorous lines, a welcoming living room complete with sofas, chaises longues, ottomans and wall TV units and a sophisticated night area with beds and accessories.  

Pure forms, free from excessive decorative elements,  in which practicality is the prevalent feature.  Materials that are combined with ease, giving every object its own character: the quilted-effect leather of the chairs and the chrome-plated steel of the frames are truly eye-catching.  A modern, refined style, ideal for those in search of simplicity and those who consider the functionality of the objects that they love to have around them, to be of prime importance.  

has obtained '100% Made in Italy' certification and has been entered at number 456 on the national register of Italian producers. The '100% Made in Italy' brand certifies that: the production is entirely Italian, the semi-manufactured products were produced exclusively in Italy, only high-quality prime Italian raw materials and components are used, the production methods used are typically traditional Italian ones.

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